'Landet av Isbjørn' literally meaning 'the land of the ice bear' is the name often used for the islands of Svalbard

In the heart of the Arctic Ocean, at 76-81 degrees North, the Svalbard Archipelago remains one of the worlds last great 'firsts'. Despite numerous attempts, no one has ever paddled around all four main islands. Now, after 6 years of dreaming and planning to complete this epic trip, we are setting off to do just that. This will be our adventure amongst ice bears and Islands.

Meet the Team

We have a great assembly of strong people to achieve this trip.
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Previous Attempts at Svalbard

Here is a short video detailing the tribulations the last team that tried this expedition had to go through. This trip is no joke.

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Two rifles lay next to a bear defence fence

Update from Norway, Polar Ice, Lendal Paddles and Bear Defence

Just an update from me in Norway with some pictures The ice in Svalbard is now starting to break up, it has been a slow start in some ways to the start of the summer, though now the ice is really retreating, the team is feeling strong that this will be a good year for the attempt. In comparison to past ice free years, the ice charts are looking good. Gear in Svalbard • 3 kayaks and 7 bags of suppl
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Kayaks, Gear, and Food on the Way to Svalbard

On the 19th of May, in the dark of an arctic spring night, MS  Malmö came into port in Molde Norway on its way from Gotenburg Sweden to Svalbard. In its hold where our 3 kayaks (Zegul Arrow Empowers), safely stowed, that had been transported all the way from Sweden (thanks to Zegul Kayaks for shipping them there a couple of weeks earlier to their local dealer KanotCentrum), at the dock to greet th
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  WE ARE ALL SYSTEMS GO FOR SVALBARD! Our Fundraiser hit its target of $20,000NZD yesterday, we are blown away by the support. A huge “THANKS” to the 79 pledges from around the world that made it possible! Marco Venturini Debby Schweitzer Ben Clancy Lou, Sarah, Oliver Emma Ruth Bec Key Liam McNeil Luke Kirner Jazz, Mahe and Charlie Braaksma, Stephen, Brett Spadi, Anna, Ollie and A
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