'Landet av Isbjørn' literally meaning 'the land of the ice bear' is the name often used for the islands of Svalbard

In the heart of the Arctic Ocean, at 76-81 degrees North, the Svalbard Archipelago remains one of the worlds last great 'firsts'. Despite numerous attempts, no one has ever paddled around all four main islands. Now, after 6 years of dreaming and planning to complete this epic trip, we are setting off to do just that. This will be our adventure amongst ice bears and Islands.

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We have a great assembly of strong people to achieve this trip.
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Previous Attempts at Svalbard

Here is a short video detailing the tribulations the last team that tried this expedition had to go through. This trip is no joke.

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Supporting the Adventure – Go Orange

Way back in the summer of 2008-2009 I worked my first season in Fiordland, guiding kayaking trips for a company which was then called Fiordland Wilderness Experiences. I was a whitewater paddler and they taught me how to guide, forming the base of my sea kayak skills that I have today.  That summer I fell in love with the wildness and sheer beauty of the fiords.  The power of this place is immense
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Help Us Raise the Last Funds to Pull this Trip Off.

Due to the complexity of any arctic expedition we are predicting an overall cost of $80,000 NZD in expenses, comprising of food, travel, permits, insurance and equipment. We have a good chunk of these expenses covered through personal finances and equipment sponsorship, but we still need to raise the final $20,000 NZD to get this project off the ground and up in Arctic Norway. For your support, we
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Vertical Play Ground (VPG) Norway Confirmed Main Sponsor

 Vertical Playground Norway has come on board as Main Sponsor for helping us fill the gaps in our kayak accessories and general outdoor equipment. VPG is a known Norwegian company, with focus on river kayaking, rock climbing, downhill biking and randonee skiing. Their high-end equipment is designed for mastering extensive wear and the harsh environment in the far North. Their support is saving us
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