'Landet av Isbjørn' literally meaning 'the land of the ice bear' is the name often used for the islands of Svalbard

In the heart of the Arctic Ocean, at 76-81 degrees North, the Svalbard Archipelago remains one of the worlds last great 'firsts'. Despite numerous attempts, no one has ever paddled around all four main islands. Now, after 6 years of dreaming and planning to complete this epic trip, we are setting off to do just that. This will be our adventure amongst ice bears and Islands.

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We have a great assembly of strong people to achieve this trip.
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Previous Attempts at Svalbard

Here is a short video detailing the tribulations the last team that tried this expedition had to go through. This trip is no joke.

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To the Edge of Islands and the Return to “The Main(is)land”

  After reaching our food depot again our trip was really only half over, we still had a Potential months’ worth of paddling left to cover about 1000kms, and time was running out, by September the fall storms would return and even worse, the midnight sun would start dropping below the horizon starting to give us darkness for a small period of time each day. Low light plus polar bears equals a
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THE GREAT WAR OF ISISPYNTEN – 3 kayakers, 9 hungry polar bears & 200km of glacial cliffs

  Along the entire North Eastern coast of Nordaustlandet lies one long line of glacial cliffs, which at this latitude stretch nearly an entire parallel. For more than 200km the Austfonna Glacier heaves masses of ice into the Arctic Ocean and guards Svalbard’s shores. From the information we managed to gather, we had an idea that there could be a few potential landing points along the gl
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The Big Break and the Unintentional “Race for Nordaustlandet”

The day (or night, it was hard now to tell these days) was sunny and beautiful, the wind had been minimal as we had pushed north with our sea kayaks through the sea ice on the way to a bold and prominent cape jutting out into the arctic sea. I gazed down the open coast inside the sea ice that Sat just off shore along the shore we where about to reach, humbled and belittled by the grand and beautif
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